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House of Floors Professionals provide precise In-Home Measurement

Our in-home measurement service ensures that the correct quantity of new flooring is ordered and prevents costly, time consuming mistakes.

House of Floors offers in-home measurements to Albuquerque area homeowners because we know how important it is to have accurate measurements prior to any new flooring installation. This service for will ensure that the measurements are done correctly, because it is often not as easy to get right as you may think. Once the measurements have been properly taken, we will be able to provide the right amount of flooring and avoid over or under ordering that slows down your remodeling project unnecessarily. Having the correct quantity of flooring or other materials ordered on hand will keep your new flooring project on schedule, and prevents not having enough material to complete the installation.

Why choose House of Floors In-Home measurement service

  • Many rooms are not a perfect rectangle or square; this can open the door for mistakes if the measurements are difficult to get.
  • Most flooring products are sold by the square foot. Our expert installer will make certain that the measurements are precise and are taken properly in order to give you an estimate.
  • A small quantity of extra of the material will be ordered. This ensures that your project will be completed without the delays of having to wait if more flooring product is needed. It is also good to have extra flooring material in case in the future a repair is needed.
  • House of Floors won't overlook your closet or any other space that may be under a staircase or otherwise not immediately apparent. Every inch of your floor's area will be covered in the new flooring product you have chosen.
  • To be absolutely certain of accuracy, we will measure each room twice.

House of Floors gladly offers our in-home measurement service to homeowners in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Cedar Crest, Los Lunas and other local New Mexico communities. We supply and install a complete range of flooring products including carpet, hardwood, laminate, ceramic & porcelain tile, vinyl and more.

Drop by our Albuquerque, NM showroom or call us at your convenience to discuss or arrange your in-home measurement for your next flooring project.